Back to Mass Effect

“Finally! It’s not that I’ve been purposely avoiding the game, but other things kept coming up. I got Steam and started playing PC games (as I’ve mentioned before) so that the PS3 got neglected, I tried NaNoWriMo (hahahaha….yeah, probably never again), I started getting a little more into my gaming-with-friends night once we branched out from Magic: the Gathering…and okay, ME2 was intimidating so I wasn’t hyper-motivated for it. But I’m back! I spent a little time in the past few days playing both the first and second games. I got everyone but Miranda (and Legion, since he’s not there yet) loyal and am ready to head off to IFF, but I’ll talk about that in the next post. And then I decided I needed a break and went back to ME1 to finish my first game with a non-soldier Shep.

This character is biotic renegade (well, I tried to make her a renegade, but still filled up the first bar of paragon) Alyson Shepard. When I last left her, she was about to head to Virmire, but taking her sweet time because there are things to do and I wanted to finish them. She’s not very motivated, I guess. But eventually I finished up all the assignments (except for the scavenger hunt ones because they bore me) and headed that way, still not knowing which character/s I was going to lose. Would a lazy renegade be able to talk down Wrex? Did I want to go with my balanced team by saving Ashley, or find out what a Kaidan romance looks like now that I’ve seen the other two?”

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Review – FATE Core

I wrote a long review of the FATE Core System, which my friends and I recently started using.

This is the game I keep talking about on my other blog where I just ran with it and started writing a religion (and then that spread into other aspects of the culture and now I’m writing about fairies and dragons and it’s kind of weird). But before that, we started building characters during a hiatus. We’d actually just started a new game but then there were scheduling conflicts and we took a month off. So when he sent out an email saying he’d like to run this game next time we have an opening, I think it was kind of a surprise to him that we jumped on it and immediately started building characters and adding to the setting.

It was a lot of fun! Definitely the most fun I’ve ever had before actually starting to play, and probably even the most fun I’ve ever had with an RPG. We spent about a week during our hiatus just passing ideas back and forth over email, actively contributing to each other’s characters and figuring out how this all ties together. I think a lot of systems are a bit intimidating to me because they have all the lore set down and I don’t want to break it or make mistakes. I’m much more interested in the creative aspects of RPGs than the combat/mechanics. I want to build a world and play in it, and that’s exactly what FATE wants you to do. We’re a good match.

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Religion in Games and Fiction

Sharing from my religion blog because my worlds are merging and this one was pretty well suited to both.

Back in my post about Keeping the Faith I mentioned that I’ve always been drawn to religion in games and fiction, always wanted to play religious characters. My partner wanted to know then why I’ve never played a cleric. Well…clerics in D&D type settings never really worked for me. When I saw others playing them the role always seemed kind of empty. I like religion, not just the appearance of religion. I want it to be filled out and sincere, something I can believe really means something to my character. I want to know the ins and outs of it.

And that’s where my religious training comes in handy here. I’m not just writing a bunch of god names and basic traits, I’m writing a complete myth cycle and a religion with a realistic origin and a fair amount of doubt. That makes the faith more real to me. I was recently told that the gods in D&D were living people who ascended, that the myths in the game are history. I hate that! That’s not religion, that’s just fealty. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but let’s call it what it is.

I want my dwarf cleric to have reason to be uncertain. Especially since we’re playing in a world with broken magic, where mysticism is going to be tricky, I want him to be able to wrestle with his faith. It wouldn’t make sense for me to have him just know.

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Happy Halloween!

I did it! I made my Dungeon Defenders video! Considering it’s my first time making a video in quite awhile and my first ever making one like this, I think it turned out okay. For awhile there I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to happen. I got sick a little over a week ago (probably just allergies, but bad enough that I wasn’t feeling up to doing much) and right up until last night there was just no way I could talk long enough to do a video. So I recorded and edited this all in the past 6 hours, because I was very determined to get it out on Halloween.

Also, Steam sale! Dungeon Defenders is one of the games on sale (which I also mention in the video), so the timing worked out nicely.

And now it is time to nap before I have to get ready for trick-or-treaters.

Have a good day/weekend!

Dungeon Defenders Ramble

Happy October! This is my favorite month, ending on my favorite holiday. And back during the summer Steam sale, when I picked up Dungeon Defenders, I got a little over-excited and also picked up a bunch of DLC for it including the Halloween map that I’ve been very extremely excited to play. But as much as I love this game, I level up slowly. Because I really just don’t play anything all that often, so even when I play this more than anything else that still means that after…(what, 3 months?) my highest-leveled character is only a 16. The recommended level for the map is 60. Oh dear.

I’ve pretty much accepted that I’m not actually going to finish it, but I’d at least like to do well enough to spend some time exploring it and have some fun. So I’ve been playing Dungeon Defenders pretty much exclusively in an attempt to level up as much as possible.

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A Game of Thrones LCG | Baby Steps Gaming

I’ve noticed a comment drop since I moved over to my own domain, so I’ve decided to start reblogging things over here to see if that helps.

A Game of Thrones LCG | Baby Steps Gaming.


“Most of what I know about [Game of Thrones] comes from bits and pieces of an audiobook (of the most recent in the series, no less) that I happened to overhear and things fans post on the internet. So before we started playing the game, this is everything I knew about Game of Thrones:

– Daenerys has dragons and everyone loves her
– Tyrion is fantastic and hilarious and a badass and everyone loves him too
– He smacked some guy named Joffrey a bunch of times and people like that because everyone hates him
– There’s some guy named Jon Snow and all anyone knows about him is that he’s a bastard, and everyone knows it

Umm…sure, that’s enough to enjoy a card game based on it!”